One who wants to shape a better future must not forget the past

Stolen Legacy Project is a restorative justice project that makes the history of urban renewal accessible to impacted communities. Black-centered art experiences in the public landscape serve the intention of creating space to reassess how cities are made and the repair that needs to be done to create the landscape of the future.


Stolen Legacy recognizes how urban renewal has jeopardized the potential of thriving black communities, and as a result, we're reclaiming our legacy through urban landscape: by cultivating community ownership & belonging.



"THIS didn’t COME OUT OF nowhere, this CAME OUT OF EXPLICIT POLICY that was designed TO  confine THE descendants OF SLAVERy."

project 01 : west oakland


West Oakland is our first spot for activating a restorative justice art experience for impacted communities to learn about urban renewal. We're covering 5 phases of Oakland's history and taking it to the streets. 


Our need for reparations is not solely for being taken from our land, but for repairing community after government-sponsored erasure of Black Land in America.

Role of Alena Museum 


Alena Museum is making this history accessible by taking Black centered art experiences into the public landscape where communities are impacted. We are creating space to reassess how cities are being made, and the repair that must be done to create the landscape of the future that would give us opportunities to thrive.

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stealing legacies across generations & across the globe


What makes this dramatic global erasure of culture possible?


Urban Renewal is a process where privately owned properties within a designated renewal area are purchased or taken by eminent domain by a municipal redevelopment authority, razed and then regranted to selected developers who devote them to other uses.


Urban Renewal in Africa is advertised as urban regeneration and continues the pattern of land being sold by African politicians to private investors connected to former colonizers. In the clip below a Nigerian Government staff member is touting the benefits of urban regeneration for the Lagos village of Otta. Feb, 24, 2021


Eminent domain : the right of a government or its agent to expropriate private property for public use, with payment of compensation.


Land grabs by settler-colonial development projects and conspiring governments seeking to develop Black and Indigenous land is a running theme across generations, with players active globally from Oakland to India. 


Conquering land is parallel to conquering indigenous bodies. Quality of life is not created by land changing hands, but by enabling the original caretakers to continue tending to it. 


Indigenous people from the Mura Tribe show a deforested area unmarked indigenous lands inside the Amazon rainforest near Humaira, Amazonas State, Brazil August 20, 2019.